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Cornwall Videos – Exploring and Enjoy Cornwall by Video

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The Listing of Cornwall Videos

We have listed below the most recent Cornwall videos that we have added to the site. If you are looking for a video on a particular topic you can always use the search box or the site map page. However please check out our video category pages where we list the relevant video pages on a particular topic or location.

Some of these Cornwall videos will appear in more than one listing e.g a video on the Newquay Fish Festival will be included in the Festivals listing as well as the Newquay listing. A video about Padstow Lifeboat will appear in both the Padstow video listing and Lifeboat video listings. We are still adding and categorizing the videos on the site so this is a work in progress as we develop the new site.

The variety of Cornwall videos is remarkable, from a sea kayak amongst the seals at Godrevy to catching the Night Riviera sleeper train from Paddington. From Lifeboats in ferocious seas to gentle cycle rides along the Camel Trail. Ariel views from paragliders, planes, helicopters and radio-controlled drones of all types. Videos from cameras mounted on surfboards, on Cyclists helmets, on the chests of divers, Kayakers, Windsurfers and Dinghy sailors.


Cornwall Videos

Longships Lighthose – A still from the video above

Cornwall videos.


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