Seal Sanctuary Releases – Rescues and a successful release

This video (Seal Sanctuary releases Porthtowan Beach) was made on the 17th June 2008 when the National Seal Sanctuary at Gweek released 6 pups from the National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek, Cornwall at Porthtowan Beach.

[su_video_lightbox image_url=”https://www.visitcornwall.tv/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/seal-centre-releases-porthtowan.jpg” alt_image=”Seal Centre release Porthtowan” video_title=”Seal release – Porthtowan ” video_url=”www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhpCWpN00DA”]

Seal Sanctuary releases Porthtowan beach

The Seal Sanctuary rescues pups lost, injured or abandoned by their mothers around the coast of Cornwall. If you see a pup that appears to be lost or abandoned you should call the rescue team but never approach the pup.

If the mother is nearby you may scare her off forever. Seal pups get separated from their mothers after storms, sometimes mothers get injured but quite often the mother is nearby and the proximity of humans may prevent her from getting back to her pup.

The pups released were Piran, Jennifer, Baggy, Monopoly, Samson and Pedrek.

Seal Sanctuary Releases at Porthtowan Beach

Porthtowan Beach


More information and videos on Cornwall’s Seals

The Cornwall Wildlife Trust has more information on the seal colonies that can be found around the coast of Cornwall

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