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Surf Safety Cornwall – How to be safe and enjoy your surfing in Cornwall

Surf Safety Cornwall

Surf Safety Cornwall

Surf Safety Cornwall – Tips and Surfing rules.

Do observe restricted area flags and warning flags; a zone with black-and-white chequered flags is a lifeguard-supervised area for beginner surfers; a zone with yellow-and-red flags is a swimmers-only area. If a red flag is flying the beach is closed to swimmers. and beginner surfers because conditions are unsafe, advanced surfers who paddle out in such conditions do so at their own risk. You can see the beach safety flags on our Beach safety page.

  • If in doubt, ask a Lifeguard.
  • Do stick a Nose-Guard registered or Nose-Cone registered on the tip of your board and blunt the trailing edges of your fins if they are sharp.
  • Do ensure that you are covered by public liability insurance. Such cover can be obtained automatically by joining the British Surfing Association – (01736) 60250 (01736) 60250
  • Do wear a leash to prevent you from losing your surfboard (or bodyboard).
  • Don’t surf alone.
  • Don’t go surfing straight after a meal, or after drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t drop in on another surfer who has right of way (because he or she is nearest to the curl) on the wave.
  • Don’t bail your board when paddling out through waves if you can possibly help it: there may be someone right behind you.
  • Do have consideration for other water users including anglers.
  • Do wear a wetsuit.
  • Don’t hire a surfboard, if you are a beginner, without being given instruction by a B.S.A. qualified instructor. and remember:
  • All surfers must be able to swim at least 50m in open water.

To get the most out of surfing get some surf lessons from a Surf School. Expert tuition for even a day will make a big difference to your ability, skills and your enjoyment of any surfing activity.

Our listing of Cornwall Beaches

To check which beaches have RNLI Lifeguard cover

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