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Cornwall Surf Schools – Learn to surf and have fun

Cornwall Surf Scools

Learn to surf in Cornwall

Cornwall Surf Schools

Surf Lessons – Tuition – Surf days

Learn to surf in Cornwall with one of the listed Cornwall Surf schools. Surfing has been part of the culture in Cornwall for many years and teaching how to surf has become a feature of the surf beaches in Cornwall.

The expert surfing lessons from one of the Cornwall Surf schools will get you started quickly. You will never look at a Cornwall surfing beach or surfing video in the same way again.

Cornwall Surf Schools

On the beach

Surf Schools in Cornwall

Learn to Surf in Cornwall

Always use a licensed and approved Surf school that will get you started on a safe beach and give you enough time to get started with basics.

Getting good at it is like everything else in life, a good teacher and some time will get you up and running. Do not try and surf alone and always on a Lifeguard beach. Talk to the lifeguards and get their advice.

You can find a list of the lifeguard beaches in Cornwall.

The British Surfing Association will offer advice on Surf Schools and membership

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