Surfing the Dream Surf School- Learn to surf and have fun

Surfing the Dream Surf School

Learn to surf in Cornwall

Surfing the Dream Surf School Newquay

Surfing the Dream Surf School caters for individuals and small groups wanting to learn to surf on Newquay’s famous beaches.

Surfing the Dream Surf School
Driftwood Lodge
25 Grosvenor Avenue

Postcode: TR7 1BJ

Phone: 01637 878109
Web site: www.surfingthedream.co.uk

Learn to Surf in Cornwall

Always use a licensed and approved Surf school that will get you started on a safe beach and give you enough time to get started with basics. Getting good at it dislike everything else in life a good teacher and some time will get you up and running. Do not try and surf alone and always on a Lifeguard beach. Talk to the lifeguards and get their advice. You can find a list of the lifeguard beaches in Cornwall.

The British Surfing Association will offer advice on Surf Schools and membership

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