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Storm Watching Videos – Keep safe and enjoy the thrills of a storm

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Cornwall Storm watching Videos

Three thousand miles of open ocean stretches from Cornwall to Newfoundland and the winter storms create spectacular sights all along the coast of Cornwall. We have a listing of Cornwall Storm watching videos at the bottom of this page.

Watching and enjoying these storms and their aftermath in those typically sunny and bright clear winter days in Cornwall is an experience enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.

The Storm watching season runs from November to February – March. Although a relatively new tourism phenomenon locals have been watching, bracing themselves and surfing in the tail end of winter storms here in Cornwall for many years.

The videos we have here on the site tend to be filmed in the middle of the storm from Harbours and clifftops.  It should be said that although the sight and sounds of the ocean in full fury is a great spectacle watching in these conditions requires great care.  We have a collection of storm watching videos for you to watch.

Next time you are in Mousehole, Sennen Cove, Newquay or Trebarwith beach look around and consider how the fishing and seafaring communities in these areas have had their lives shaped by the natural forces of the sea.

Listing of Cornwall Storm Videos

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