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Honeymoons in Cornwall – The perfect romantic backdrop

Honeymoons in Cornwall

If you get married in Cornwall why not just stay.. well, for a while at least. Cornwall is a romantic and fun Honeymoon choice.

Cornwall has been a favourite for honeymoon couples for generations. To make that first holiday as a married couple special enjoy some of the romantic magic of Cornwall.

Many couples will combine their honeymoons in Cornwall with a shared interest holiday and learn to surf, or simply spend time following a shared interest in walking, or horse riding or golf.

Honeymoons in Cornwall - St Micahaels Mount

St Michael’s Mount

In Cornwall the choice is wide, for some it is surf during the daylight and clubbing in the evenings for that perfect honeymoon.  For others, it is exploring and walking the Coastal path and enjoying the magnificent Scenery.  For others, it is summer lazy days on the beaches and in winter log fires and storm watching.

Cornwall’s stunning coastline, the choice of accommodation located on the beachfront, hidden valleys, on wild moors or cliff tops and more have attracted couples to spend their honeymoons in Cornwall for many years.

A bewildering choice of accommodation, places to visit, things to do ensures that any visitor will be spoiled for choice.

Cornwall is a land of great contrasts – a land of Celtic history, closely connected with the sea and trade, a land of medieval remains and rich with the heritage of an industrial age where ore was taken from below the sea bed.

A land of contemporary Hotels and restaurants, beaches to take your breath away, exhilarating water sports and of course great services and facilities for the visitor.



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