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Cornwall Fishing Guide

Cornwall Fishing Guide


Cornwall Fishing Guide - Boy with Wrasse

Wrasse Fishing

Sea Fishing – Coarse Fishing – Freshwater fishing in Cornwall

A Cornwall Fishing Guide

With its mile of coastline, large bays, numerous reservoirs, lakes and the gulf stream from the Atlantic Ocean it’s obvious that Cornwall is a fisher’s paradise. We hope that this Cornwall Fishing Guide will be useful in the initual stages of planning your fishing and alert you to the possibilities here in Cornwall

In nearly every port chartered boats take visiting fisher to the best sites around the coast. The Shark Angling Club of Great Britain makes it’s home in Looe. Tackle Shops are abundant and sell everything that a fisherman needs.

There are many lakes and reservoirs around the region offering a wealth of coarse and fly fishing.

Whether you are fishing for Trout or Pollock you will find the equipment, sites and the fish that you need to have a relaxing, secluded and enjoyable fishing experience.

Environment Agency Fishing Licence Requirements for Freshwater Fish

A two-tier licence now covers the single licence for all species. The previous 7 day licence has been extended to cover 8 consecutive days and a new one-day licence has been introduced. The licences are for salmon & sea trout and non-migratory trout & coarse fish. Environment Agency rod licences are available from every Post Office in England and Wales.


  • Always use barbless or microbarb hooks.
  • Always wet hands before handling fish.
  • Always unhook fish carefully to avoid damaging their mouths
  • Do not use keep nets in hot weather.
  • Always ensure the net is completely covered.
  • Do not hold carp in keepnets. Return to the water immediately after capture, or, in any event, when the fish has been photographed.
  • Do not stand while holding fish to be photographed. Always photograph in a kneeling position, holding the fish close to the ground.
  • Always return fish carefully to the water when fishing ends. Hold the keep net submerged while working the fish to the open end.
  • Always clean your swim of litter and never leave fishing line lying around.
  • Please take your litter home.

There is a good supply of fishing tackle shops boat hire, sea charter and fishing trips all around the coast of Cornwall with every opportunity to enjoy your hobby.

We have detailed guides to fishing in Cornwall which is split into three sections covering the North Coast, the far west and the south-west of Cornwall, links below.

The Cornwall Fishing Guide

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