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RMS Mulheim Shipwreck at Sennen

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The RMS Mulheim

Attempts to salvage the RMS Mulheim failed and the wreck of the vessel remains there to this day. es fined Rhein Maas Shipping (RMS) a total of £20,000 plus full costs of £22,227.06  We have another video and more information on the RMS Mulheim here.

WikipediaWikipedia says. . .
RMS Mulheim
On 22 March 2003, RMS Mülheim was on a voyage from Cork, in the Republic of Ireland to Lübeck, Germany, transporting 2,200 tonnes of scrap car plastic.

The ship ran aground at approximately 0500 GMT in Gamper Bay, between Land’s End and Sennen Cove, during which time there was “moderate visibility and fog patches”.[4] On investigation, it was discovered that the chief officer—who had been on watch at the time—had caught his trousers in the lever of his chair when trying to get up, causing him to fall and rendering him unconscious.

By the time he regained consciousness, RMS Mülheim was already bearing down on the shoreline. Although the Sennen Lifeboat and Land’s End Coastguard Cliff Team were able to reach the wreck quickly, the six-man Polish crew of the vessel were airlifted to safety by a search and rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose.

The members of the crew were treated for shock at the Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station.

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