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Storm watching Newquay Cornwall

Storm watching in Newquay Cornwall
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Storm watching Newquay Cornwall

The combination of high spring tides, storm force winds and a low pressure cause enormous waves to breach sea defences around the country in the winter of 2013. This video is taken at night at Town beach in Newquay and illustrates the force and power and what is really dangerous the unpredictability of the waves heights, direction and force. Taken on January 3rd 2014 the waves were crashing over the promenade and onto the Bluereef Sealife Centre.

Spectators have to be very careful has several tons of water can very quickly sweep along a street or promenade.

Storm watching Newquay Cornwall - Towan Beach Newquay

Towan Beach in quieter times..

[ready_google_map id=’391′] © Photograph of Towan Beach Newquay with kind permission of Robert Pittman Flckr