Cruzin Surf School Newquay – Learn to Surf and have fun

Cruzin Surf School

Learn to surf in Cornwall

Surf Lessons from Cruzin Surf School Newquay Cornwall

Our aim at Cruzin Surf School is to ensure everyone has a memorable day and gains a great knowledge of surfing.

Cruzin Surf School offer a friendly, professional and fun approach to teaching. You will be in the hands of quality instruction that will guide you to where you want to be.

Whether you just want a taster or you want to go all the way and ride the big stuff we have the knowledge to take you there…..

We have different surf lessons to suit your needs and we do not teach on just one beach.

We have all got over ten years experience in surfing. Every Winter we normally escape for a few months to surf various locations around the world which has given us great knowledge of surfing.

Our qualifications include RLSS or NARS Beach Lifeguard and BSA SLSA Surf Coach. We have years of lifeguard experience in England and Australia and are highly trained in first aid and in rescue procedures so you’re in safe hands! What better way to learn about surfing than from Newquay’s beach lifeguards.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now for an unforgettable experience!

Cruzin Surf School
Esplanade Road

Postcode: TR7 1PS

Phone: 07841 196681
Web site: www.cruzinsurf.co.uk

Learn to Surf in Cornwall

Always use a licensed and approved Surf school that will get you started on a safe beach and give you enough time to get started with basics. Getting good at it dislike everything else in life a good teacher and some time will get you up and running. Do not try and surf alone and always on a Lifeguard beach. Talk to the lifeguards and get their advice. You can find a list of the lifeguard beaches in Cornwall.

The British Surfing Association will offer advice on Surf Schools and membership

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