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Cornwall Surf Academy

Learn to Surf in Cornwall

Cornwall Surf Academy surf lessons and hire

We specialize in teaching beginner and intermediate surfing lessons at different surfing beaches in Cornwall including Holywell Bay near Newquay.

You will only be in the water chest deep for the first surf lessons and we at Cornwall Surf Academy provide all the surfing equipment that you will need including warm wetsuits. Surfing is an all-weather experience!!

Cornwall Surf Academy surfing lessons begin with a beach safety lesson followed by a short bit of theory teaching you how to surf a wave lying down. We then hit the water to practice what we have learnt before returning to the beach to learn how to surf standing up!! The final part of the lesson aims to get you surfing waves and riding them all the way in to the beach.

Cornwall Surf Acadamey
Holywell Bay Holiday Park
Holywell Bay

Postcode: TR8 5PR

Phone: 0870 240 6693
Web site: http://www.cornwallsurfacademy.com

Learn to Surf in Cornwall

Always use a licensed and approved Surf school that will get you started on a safe beach and give you enough time to get started with basics. Getting good at it dislike everything else in life a good teacher and some time will get you up and running. Do not try and surf alone and always on a Lifeguard beach. Talk to the lifeguards and get their advice. You can find a list of the lifeguard beaches in Cornwall.

The British Surfing Association will offer advice on Surf Schools and membership

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