Engine House Trail – Explore and cycle through Cornwall’s Industrial heritage

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Engine House Trail – Truro to Hayle

The Truro to Hayle Engine House Trail Starts from the remains of the old foundries in Hayle to the engine houses scattered throughout the landscape, the reminders of Cornwall’s industrial heritage are everywhere along this route.

Leaving the golden sands of Hayle behind, the trail follows quiet minor roads to Camborne before utilising a largely traffic-free route to Redruth. This whole area was once one of the world’s most intensively mined regions.

Engine House Trail

Hayle Harbour at the start of the Engine House Trail

Hundreds of now silent engine houses, linked by disused paths and railways, still dominate the landscape. Leaving Redruth, the trail passes the small mining village of St Day before following one of the old tramways as it makes its way to the bustling cathedral city of Truro.

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