Seal Pup at Sanctuary – Great Day out and the kids love it.

April, a rescued seal pup (2007/8 season) at the National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek, Cornwall. The Seal Sanctuary rescues abandoned, stranded or injured seals and seals pups from around the coast of Cornwall.

[su_video_lightbox image_url=”https://www.visitcornwall.tv/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/seal-pup-seal-sanctuary-gweek.jpg” alt_image=”Video Seal pup at the National Seal Sanctuary in Gweek Cornwall” video_title=”Video Seal pup at the National Seal Sanctuary in Gweek Cornwall” video_url=”www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2NjORyHZ7M”]

Seal Pup at Sanctuary  – Gweek

Their ambition is to always try and release the pups back into the wild when they are able and well enough. See the video of the pup release (link below).

If you see a seal pup apparently abandoned do NOT approach but call the rescue centre. The mother may be nearby but unable to come near because of human activity.

Seal Pup at Sanctuary

Gweek Seal Sanctuary

We have other videos and information on Cornwalls seals as well as a video of a seal pup release at Porthtowan beach

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For more information : Cornwall Wildlife Trust Seal Colonies around Cornwall.

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