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Cornwall Seals Videos

For some of us, watching seals pop up, their dog like head watching or at least appearing to be watching us is one of the great pleasures if walking the coast path in Cornwall.

Cornwall Seals Videos - Harbour Seal

A Seal in Newquay Harbour

Cornwall Seals Videos

Cornwall Seals Videos: There are many ways and locations top see seals from the rugged cliff tops of Godrevy or or on the north coast path near St Agnes. The harbour seals in Newquay are a great summer attraction as visitors watch them from the harbour walls being fed by the returning boats. Seals can be spotted in the surf or hauled out on rocks or isolated beaches. The large colony at Godrevy can often be seen hauled out at Mutton Cove.

Of course for some get very close encounters. Divers will frequently experience seals around them so too Kayakers. They do appear at times to be very curious creatures and will often come close to divers and canoes to inspect. However care should be taken never approach an apparently abandoned seal pup or attempt to get close to seals on the beach. When walking the coastal path do NOT walk and watch at the same time!

Cornwall Seal Videos

Diving Seals Lands End

Getting so close to be able to observe Seals in their natural habitat is a wonderful experience. Their natural curiosity as they watch and swim around the divers is fascinating to watch. [...]

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Seals at Godrevy

There is a colony of resident seals at Godrevy.  They can be seen quite often by those who walk the coastal path past the island in the surf or hauled out on the island rocks below the Godrevy Lighthouse. [...]

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National Seal Sanctuary Gweek

The Cornwall National Seal Sanctuary Gweek has its origins from an event in the winter of 1958 when Ken Jones found a baby seal washed up on the beach at St Agnes. The seal was only a few hours old. He took this baby seal back to the garden of his house near the beach. [...]

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Kayaking Godrevy Seals

Kayaking Godrevy Seals: Close up encounters with the seals in a Kayak around Godrevy Island and Beach. [...]

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Seals hauled out Godrevy

The seal colony haul out at at low water and can be seen from the cliff top. The Coast path at Godrevy with the view over to the island and Godrevy lighthouse is a lovely walk and is part of the Coastal path. [...]

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Orca Sea Safaris

A promotional video from Orca Sea Safaris based in Falmouth Cornwall on their wildlife watching and coastal boat trips. Based at Events Square in Falmouth Adjacent to the National Maritime Museum. [...]

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Seal Centre releases Porthtowan beach

This video (Seal Centre releases Porthtowan Beach) was made on the 17th June 2008 when the National Seal Sanctuary at Gweek released 6 pups from the National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek, Cornwall at Porthtowan Beach. [...]

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Seal pup Seal Sanctuary Gweek

April, a rescued seal pup (2007/8 season) at the National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek, Cornwall. The Seal Sanctuary rescues abandoned, stranded or injured sals and seal pups from around the coast of Cornwall. [...]

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Hells Mouth Seal Pup

Seals are often seen at Hells Mouth which is on the South West Coast Path north of Godrevy. There is a public lay-by for cars and a cafe with a large car park very close by. [...]

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© Photograph of Newquay Harbour Seal with kind permission of Nilfanion Flckr

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