Godrevy Seals View and Enjoy with care

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Godrevy Seals

The colony of Grey Seals that are resident at Godrevy can be seen best when hauled out on the beach at Mutton Cove. The sight of the Godrevy seals hauled out in Mutton Cove is exceptional. It is one of the few places where the casual spectator can observe the seals closely and without disturbing the seals.

This whole area is under the management of the National Trust in Cornwall. There are car parks and a National Trust cafe at Godrevy.

The coast path here offers great views of Godrevy Lighthouse and St Ives Bay.

Viewing is best at low tide although often a seal can be seen fishing in the surf around the rocks when walking the coastal path. However, please do not watch and walk at the same time. Take some binoculars to get a real close up view. Do not attempt to approach the seals and disturb them.

Dolphins can often be seen in the bay, often in groups of 6 or 8. It is generally thought these are simply passing pods.

You can read more about the seals at Godrevy on the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.


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