National Seal Sanctuary Gweek

The Cornwall National Seal Sanctuary Gweek has its origins from an event in the winter of 1958 when Ken Jones found a baby seal washed up on the beach at St Agnes. The seal was only a few hours old. He took this baby seal back to the garden of his house near the beach.

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National Seal Sanctuary Gweek

Now a very popular tourist attraction. Lookout in the local papers for discount offers for tickets as these appear often particularly if visiting Cornwall out of the main season. There is a large car park and the centre operates a Land Rover pulled passenger trailer service from the entrance up to the main pools and displays. Apart from seals you can also observe Sea Lions, Humbolt Penguins and Asian Short Clawed otters.

The Seal lion and Seal feeding times are always popular and enjoyed greatly by the kids. One of the staff will usually explain more about the background of the individual seals or Sea Lions during the feeding and provide facts on their health, feeding habits etc.

For many years Ken ran he ran a rescue centre for seals and oiled birds, with a single pool, at St Agnes on the north coast of Cornwall.

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For more information: Cornwall Wildlife Trust Seal Colonies around Cornwall.

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