Seals at Godrevy

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Seals at Godrevy

There is a colony of resident seals at Godrevy.  They can be seen quite often by those who walk the coastal path past the island in the surf or hauled out on the island rocks below the Godrevy Lighthouse.

A seal is very well camouflaged, particularly when hauled out on the rocks or on a rocky beach. It is a good idea to sit and watch a likely area as often the small movement of a flipper will draw your eye and you suddenly realise you have been staring at a group of seals!

Viewing them at Mutton Cove at low tide from the Clifftops is a very popular place to seal watch and is one of the few places in Cornwall that is so accessible and at the same time have a low risk of human activity disturbing the seals and their pups. This video was taken from the clifftop above Mutton Cove.

Please do not walk and look for seals at the same time the cliffs and coastal paths require care and attention. Please read the signs, take binoculars and enjoy your visit.

Watching the seals at Godrevy

Watching Seals at Godrevy – Mutton Cove

The car park is run by the National Trust and there is an excellent cafe.

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For more information: Cornwall Wildlife Trust Seal Colonies around Cornwall.

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