Cab Ride on Bodmin Wenford Line – Video from the Cab Steam at its best

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Cab Ride on Bodmin Wenford Line

A cab ride on the Bodmin Wenford Line as Steam Engine 5552 runs round at Bodmin Parkway and takes the grade through Coleslogget Halt with the regulator wide open and on towards Bodmin General 4th April 2007.

Cab Ride on Bodmin Wenford Line - Engine 5521

Engine 5521 Bodmin and Wenford Railway

The Bodmin Wenford railway is the only steam railway in Cornwall that runs on standard gauge tracks. The Railway often has special trips a good and very popular example is the “Santa by Steam” for which bookings are strong advised!

Great video of a Steam train cab ride for all those who like Steam Trains.

For more information on the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

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