Falmouth Park and Float – Easy all day parking visitors to Falmouth

Falmouth Park and Float

The Falmouth Park and Float boats are no longer operating. You can still park and get the Park and Ride bus that is operating and will take you into Falmouth. We have included the video above simply to illustrate what was a wonderful introduction to Falmouth.

Although originally filmed on a dull and overcast day,  the trip down the Penryn River used to land you at Events Square by the Falmouth National Maritime Museum.

The trip down the Penryn River past Flushing to the Prince of Wales Pier then on to the Maritime Museum was a great introduction to Falmouth.

It is hoped that after the pandemic it may be possible to reinstate the park and float.

Park and Ride

Park and Ride

Please note that the Falmouth Park and Ride on the outskirts of town at Ponsharden only operate in the season. (From 25th May to 25th September) During winter it is used as boat storage as can be seen from the photo above.

Ponsharden is a 500 space car and is an all-day park. All-day parking in Falmouth town is very scarce and expensive.

If you are planning a boat trip to St Mawes or Trelissick this is the best park and the most economic for a long visit.

Falmouth Guides and Maps

Falmouth Guides Amazon

Amazon has an excellent selection of Books, Guides and Maps for Falmouth

Falmouth Park and Float

Falmouth Park and Float – To the boats

Falmouth Tourist Information Centre

The short video below is of the one the Falmouth Park and Float shuttle boats leaving custom house Quay.

© Photograph of Falmouth Park and Float To the Boats with kind permission of Haydn Blackey Flckr
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