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Falmouth Tourist Information Centre

Falmouth Tourist Information Centre

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Falmouth Tourist Information Centre

This TIC is situated at the entrance to the Prince of Wales Pier in Falmouth.  The pier is the starting place for many river trips including the ferry to St Mawes in the Roseland.  You can also get boat trips to Trelissick Gardens, Malpas and the Helford river famous for Frenchmans Creek. Check out our list of things to do in Falmouth.

Holiday Accommodation

Holiday Accommodation and today’s deals in Falmouth

Falmouth Beaches

We have a list of the beaches in Falmouth 

River Trips

One of the most interesting trips you can take if you are lucky to be in Falmouth when the tidal conditions are right is the “Up the Creek” trip. This involves catching a boat that will explore the many creeks that run into the Fal river between Falmouth and Truro.

These creeks are only accessible on the very high tides and are rarely seen by the public unless in a Kayak. The only boat currently offering these trips are Truro River Cruises. with an experienced and knowledgeable skipper, this is one of the most interesting boat trips you can ever take. We have an article here on one of their “Up the Creek” trips.

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Falmouth Guide Books

Falmouth Guide Books Amazon has large range of Guide Books on Falmouth covering the history, local walks and maps etc.

The St Nazaire Raid

Falmouth Tourist Information

St Nazaire Raid Memorial is only a few steps from the  Falmouth Tourist Information Centre

As you walk on the Pier away from the Falmouth Tourist Information Centre look to your left and you will see the memorial to the famous St Nazaire raid “Operation Chariot”.

On March 26 1942, HMS Campbeltown and 16 motor launches packed full of commandos departed from Falmouth with what was recognised as an almost suicidal mission of blocking the St Nazaire docks. This would make the port unusable by the German Navy and the Battleship Tirpitz.

The raid was successful and HMS Campbeltown rammed the dock and exploded, destroying the gates and ensuring the giant dry dock was out of action for the rest of the war.

Falmouth Weather Forecast & Falmouth Tide Times

Always good to know what the Falmouth weather will be like. The links below will take you to The Local BBC weather for Falmouth and the Met Office forecast for Falmouth.

Falmouth’s Maritime History and Video.

Falmouth is where the first news of Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar was received, it was the home of the Packet ships which carried mail to all corners of the British Empire, it was the landing place for Ellen Macarthur in her world record beating around the world trip.

[wp_lightbox_fancybox_youtube_video link=”/www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubq6tm1qkxk” title=”Falmouth Tourist information office” source=”https://www.visitcornwall.tv/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Screen-Shot-2021-09-09-at-21.22.08-550×291.png”]

Click on the image above to play the Video

It was where D Day landings left during the D Day invasion by the Allies in the second world war, It is where RFA Argus left and returned on its mission to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone.

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It is home to the last surviving sail-powered fishing fleet that dredge for Oysters in the Fal River and a great deal more.

It is home to the famous Falmouth Marine Band a unique music experience for all who are fortunate to see them perform.

The Falmouth Tourist Information Centre can provide details of all the sights and events in Falmouth.

Falmouth Tourist Information Centre

Visiting Cruise Ship As seen from Falmouth Lifeboat Station

Falmouth Tourist Information Centre,
Prince Of Wales Pier
11 Market Strand
TR11 3DF

T: 0905 3254 534

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Falmouth Tourist Information Centre

Gylly Beach Falmouth

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