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Flushing Village Regatta Carnival day

Flushing Village Regatta Carnival day

Flushing Village Regatta Carnival day

Falmouth Harbour racing during the Flushing sailing Club regatta which is held on the last Saturday of Flushing Carnival week.

One of the most colourful sites is that of the Gaff rigged Falmouth Working boats. Many of these boats are still used in the traditional Oyster dredging in the Carrick Roads and on the River Fal. Oyster dredging is only permitted by sail powered boats and the Falmouth Working boat is the result of generations of tradition to create a craft that is suited to this task.

Dinghy racing, family cruisers, shrimpers and many classes of sailing boat compete regularly though out the summer. Races are organised by the Flushing sailing club and by the Royal Cornwall Club. Falmouth Harbour is one of the worlds largest natural harbours with a long naval history. It was on the steps of Falmouth Harbour in Cornwall that news of Trafalgar reached Britain.

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