Kynance Cove Bodyboarders – Great fun on a beautiful beach

Kynance Cove Bodyboarders

A short video of some bodyboarders having a great time with the waves at Kynance Cove.



Kynanace Cove on the Lizard is a National Trust property with a car park on the coastal path. It is a good walk down to the beach.  However, there is an excellent National Trust cafe when you do arrive.   There is more information on Kynace Cove beach in our Cornwall Beach listings.

A tidal beach ideal for these Kynance Cove Bodyboarders it is for the adventurous, famous for its white sand, turquoise sea and rock stacks. The beach gets extremely busy in the summer holidays.

Kynance Cove Bodyboarders

Kynance Cove from the Coast Path

We have a video of a Dive at Kynance Cove


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