Padstow Lifeboat Launch – Beautiful Trevose Head Coastline

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Padstow Lifeboat Launch

Filmed around Trevose Head and the Padstow Lifeboat Station. The coastline and beaches around Trevose head are beautiful. The Lifeboat Station is a spectacular building and replaced the old station where launches were becoming increasingly difficult due to the estuary silting up.

Some Facts about Padstow Lifeboat Station:

First established: 1825
All Weather LB: RNLB Spirit of Padstow – Tamar Class All-Weather Lifeboat (16-04)

Launches in 2008: 14
People Rescued in 2008: 28
Total Hours at Sea in 2008: 49hrs 51mins
Medals since 1824: “30 (28 Silver, 2 Bronze)

Padstow Lifeboat Launch

Lighthouse at Trevose Head – The Sourth West Coast Path

Padstow Guides and Maps

Guide to Padstow Amazon

Amazon has an excellent selection of Books, Guides and Maps for Padstow

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