Bodmin Plant and Herb Nursery

Bodmin Plant and Herb Nursery

 Bodmin Plant and Herb Nursery


Bodmin Plant & Herb Nursery specialises in herbs and herbaceous perennials. With hundreds of varieties of herbs and a few thousand flowering perennials. The Nursery is open to the public every day.

It is not a garden centre, but rather, a nursery, with traditional growing, fresh & healthy plants, a range that surprises and excites, as well as friendly advice on hand.

Formed from the site 17th Century Water Mill there are 5 acres of plants, all in a lovely countryside setting.

For more information [su_popup_link link_text=”Bodmin Plant and Herb Nursery” link_title=”Bodmin Plant and Herb Nursery” link_alt=”Bodmin Plant and Herb Nursery” link_url=”http://www.bodminnursery.co.uk/”]

Laveddon Mill
Post Code: PL30 5JU
Tel: +44 01208 72837

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