Video Guide to Padstow – The end of the Camel Trail and lovely harbour town

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Video Guide to Padstow on the North Cornwall Coast

A short video guide to Padstow featuring the harbour, the beaches, Camel Trail, Rick Stein’s cafe.

Video Guide to Padstow

Padstow Harbour

Padstow is approximately 14 miles northeast of Newquay, on the north Cornwall coast at the mouth of the River Camel. The approach to Padstow Harbour from the sea is notorious for the presence of the Doom Bar, a very dangerous sand bar that has caused many ships and small boat wrecks. The town has of course gained fame as the home of Rick Stein the popular TV chef who runs various enterprises in the town including a restaurant, cafe, deli B&B and a Fish and Chip shop near the old station.

Padstow train station closed in 1967. The old railway line is now the Camel Trail, a footpath and cycleway which is popular owing to its picturesque route beside the River Camel.  You can read more about Cornwall Cycle trails here.

Padstow Guides and Maps

Guide to Padstow Amazon

Amazon has an excellent selection of Books, Guides and Maps for Padstow

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