Time Lapse Camel Estuary

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Video Time Lapse Camel Estuary

Lovely clip of the tidal action and weather as time lapse camel Estuary taken looking out over the Camel estuary at Padstow.

Padstow is a very popular town on the north Cornwall coast well-known fo its connection with Rick Stein the TV chef who runs several businesses in the town including a restaurant, deli, cafe and fish and chip shop.

Time lapse Camel Estuary

The Camel Estuary

Padstow for sailors is a welcome port however entrance to the harbour in Padstow and the Camel river means getting over the notorious Doom Bar which is a sand bar that has historically been responsible for wrecks and maritime disasters. The Doom Bar extends across the estuary.

Opposite Padstow on the other side of the estuary lies the village of Rock which is a centre of sailing, and other maritime leisure activities. It is a very popular holiday home village.

Padstow Guides and Maps

Guide to Padstow Amazon

Amazon has an excellent selection of Books, Guides and Maps for Padstow

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