Surfing St Agnes – Surfing thrills on the North Coast

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Surfing St Agnes

St Agnes was historically a centre of the tin and copper mining activity in Cornwall. However, like many small Cornish coastal villages tourism is the main industry. St Agnes and the nearby Chapel Porth beach are very popular surfing beaches. This video (Surfing St Agnes) was taken during one of the competitions that take place regularly through the season in Cornwall.

The iconic view of Cornwall with the engine house sits perched on a clifftop is often represented by Wheal Coates mine which you can reach by a walk along the coastal path to Chapel Porth.  The mine shaft extends to the sea hundreds of feet below,  At high tide, the waves can be heard through a grate.

Surfing St Agnes

Wheal Coates Engine House

St Agnes has restaurants, craft shops and galleries a thriving surf scene.

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