Mylor Boat Hire – A fun day out exploring the river and creeks

[su_video_lightbox image_url=”https://www.visitcornwall.tv/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/hire-a-boat-from-mylor-boat-hire.jpg” alt_image=”Hire a boat from Mylor Boat Hire and explore the River Fal” video_title=”Hire a boat from Mylor Boat Hire and explore the River Fal” video_url=”www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEIXPkLFgys”]

Mylor Boat Hire – Explore River Fal

This video is from a group that hired one of the Picarooners from Mylor Boat Hire and spent the day exploring the River Fal.

Originally the most westerly Naval Dockyard and victualling station in England, then home of HMS Ganges and the Packet ships and centre for the French Resistance during the Second World War, Mylor, now home to the last fleet of Oystermen under sail, is a haven for water-lovers of all types, whether you enjoy crabbing with the children off the pontoon, cruising local waters or racing further offshore.

We have other videos on the River Fal including a Boat Trip from Falmouth to Truro on the scheduled services run by Enterprise Boats, a couple on the laid up shipping at Tolverne and of Trelissick Gardens on the banks of the river.

Mylor boat hire

The Fal river seen through the trees at Trelissick

For more visitor information on Falmouth

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