The Trelissick Swallows – wonderful aerobatics as they skim over the parkland

Trelissick Swallows

The Trelissick swallows arrive most years in April. The warden keeps a note each year of the date they first appear. This year they arrived on the 17th of April. In 2015 it was the 20th of April. The short video clip above (filmed on an iPhone) is of the Trelissick swallows performing their grass skimming routine and aerobatics around me and the parkland trees.

These remarkable birds will soon set off on their annual migration of 6000 miles to South Africa. Their journey takes them through France, over the Pyrenees to Spain then on to Morocco. From there across the Sahara, although some will follow the west coast of Africa avoiding the Sahara.

They will cover 200 miles a day, flying during the daylight feeding on insects as they go, the Trelissisk swallows will take about 6 weeks to reach Botswana, Namibia or South Africa. In February and March, they will start the return journey back to Trelissick.

I will always recommend to visitors exploring Cornwall by car to purchase a National Trust Membership. Even if you are a couple and buy a single membership.

This will allow you to park for free in some of the most attractive places to visit along the coastline and countryside of Cornwall. If you have single membership the car parking is free but any non-members will have to pay to enter the Gardens or houses.

Trelissick on the river Fal is such a place, members park for free and you can enjoy a walk around the park down to the River Fal and follow the path through the woods above the river. You can enjoy an ice cream or a meal or coffee in the cafe.

We have an image gallery of Trelissick Park here.

Trelissick Swallows

Trelissick Parklands

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