Syracusa Shipwreck Dive – Popular Newquay Wreck Dive

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Syracusa Shipwreck Dive

The Syracusa Shipwreck Dive is one of the most popular wrecks to dive off the coast near Newquay. Newquay has several boats that operate from the harbour that can take divers out to this popular wreck. This video is from Dive Newquay.

The Syracusa was a 1243-ton schooner-rigged iron-screw steamer that was wrecked on 6 March 1897 and lost with all 24 crew.   She was bound for Naples in Italy with a cargo of Welsh coal from Newport. This was a regular trip for the vessel.

Newquay lifeboat RNLB Willie Rodgers had twice attempted to reach the stricken vessel.

Syracusa Shipwreck Dive

Newquay Harbour

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