St Ives Lifeboat Launch – Everyone enjoys watching the Lifeboat being launched

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Video of the St Ives Lifeboat Launch.

The Lifeboat is launched down a slipway by a tractor.  Lifeboat Launches always attract a crowd. It does not matter if the launch is a real “Shout” or it is a regular training exercise.  You can see from this video that launching the lifeboat is a complicated exercise that takes care and experience from the launching crew.

On days when the seas are high, the St Ives Lifeboat launch can appear a very hazardous operation with the tractor can seem to be swallowed up by the waves as it pushes deeper and deeper into the waves to get the lifeboat launched safely. It can be a hazardous enterprise however the tractor design is the result of years of experience and reflects the conditions of each station.  All of which of course built to the highest standards at considerable cost.

Teamwork and coordination from the tractor driver to the guiding hands are all an essential part of a successful St Ives Lifeboat Launch.

All of this going on in front of an audience lining the harbour and promenade all of whom are enthralled and fascinated by what is involved in a St Ives Lifeboat Launch. The Lifeboat Station is situated at one end of the main harbour beachfront and will be seen and walked past by almost every visitor to the town.


St Ives Lifeboat Launch - The Harbour

The Harbour at Low tide

Video of a Lifeboat Launch. The Lifeboat is launched down a slipway by a tractor. You can read more about the St Ives Lifeboat here.

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