Royal Anne Galley Lizard point Dive – 300 year old Wreck

[su_video_lightbox image_url=”https://www.visitcornwall.tv/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/royal-anne-galley-lizard-point-d.jpg” alt_image=” Royal Anne Galley Lizard point Dive” video_title=” Royal Anne Galley Lizard point Dive” video_url=”www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUM5Qemd_Gs”]

Royal Anne Galley Lizard point Dive

Royal Anne Galley Lizard point Dive: A collection of video clips and stills from a dive on The Royal Anne Galley at Britain’s most Southerly Point, Lizard Point, in Cornwall. The dive was made by Kennack diving and was a survey dive in conjunction with English Heritage.

The ‘Royal Anne’ was a fifth-rate oared frigate built at Woolwich (of the Preliminary Establishment of 1706-1718) and launched in 1709 with an armament of 40 guns and a compliment of 127 men. On 10 November 1721, while on a voyage to Barbados, bad weather forced her to return to port in Falmouth and she was wrecked on the Stag Rocks.

There were only three survivors; the most notable of those who perished was Lord Belhaven who was en route to taking up the Governorship of Barbados.

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