Newquay Dive Orfordness

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Newquay Dive Orfordness

The SS Orfordness, a lightly armed merchant ship of 2790 tons was sunk when making the passage from Rouen to Barry by German submarine U60 on the 20th of July 1918 with the loss of 2 lives. SS Orfordness, built by Ropner & Son, Stockton in 1906, and owned by Letricheux & David, Ltd., Swansea. She was was a British steamer of 2790 tons.

On July 20th, 1918, on a voyage from Rouen to Barry was sunk by the German submarine U-60 Franz Grünert 2 persons were lost. She lies in 30 metres of water approximately 2.5 miles from Newquay.

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