Tater Du Lighthouse – Cornwalls new lighthouse


Tater Du lighthouse by Reading Tom

Tater Du Lighthouse

Tater Du Lighthouse

Tater Du lighthouse in Cornwall. Located about 5 miles from Lands End, is a nice 30 min walk along the coastal path from picturesque Lamorna Cove.

Tater Du lighthouse

Tater Du Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is Cornwall’s most recently built lighthouse. The construction of the lighthouse followed the tragedy of losing a small Spanish coaster called the Juan Ferrer on the 23rd of October 1963, on Boscawen point with the loss of 11 lives.

The lighthouse is constructed with a completely automatic installation which is remotely controlled from the Trinity House depot in Penzance. The Lighthouse, built from local stone, was completed by the July of 1965. It houses a 7 foot 1 inch lantern with an electric light which is powered from batteries charged from mains electricity during the day.

The light is 3 white lights flashed every 15 seconds, with a range of 23 miles. There is a separate red fixed light that shows in the line over the Runnelstone Rock.

The fog signal sounds two one-second blasts every 30 seconds during fog.

You can read more about the Lighthouses of Cornwall and the work of Trinity House who are responsible for the maintenance and operation of these lighthouses.


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