The Lizard Lighthouse


Lizard Lighthouse

Lizard Lighthouse

Lizard Lighthouse at Lizard Point in Cornwall

The Lizard Lighthouse and the surrounding buildings are prominent structures at Lizard point. Adjacent to a National Trust car park which affords entry to the coastal path and some walks with stunning views.  You may be lucky and come across the National Trusts herd of shetland ponies which help keep the grass on the cliff tops down  This improves the habitat for the Cornish Chough.

The UK’s most southerly point. The modern electric fog signal, located on the lantern balcony, beeps at just under 120 dB and can be heard at least 4 miles away.

The old siren with the big horns is now only used on special occasions. The lighthouse and old engine room is open to the public in the summer.

Coastal path with an excellent cafe above the old lifeboat station at Lizard Point.  Seals are often seen around the point and from the coastal paths.  However please do not walk at watch at the same time on the Coastal path.

You can read more about the Lighthouses of Cornwall.

You can read more about the work of Trinity House which maintains all the lighthouses in the UK

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