RNLI Historic Lifeboats Rally Fowey – Beautiful boats restored and maintained by enthusiasts

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RNLI Historic Lifeboats Rally Fowey Cornwall

The RNLI Historic Lifeboats Rally is held every year in Fowey. Former Lifeboats from all over the British Isles attend this annual rally. Well worth a visit to see and enjoy these wonderful old boats and marvel at the skill and courage of the crews who would launch these in terrible conditions to save lives at sea.


Insurance and Health and safety regulations no longer allow the private boats to take passengers out for a trip even on lovely calm days. However,  some of the boats that attend each year do operate as licensed trip boats so it can be possible on occasions to have a trip out on these boats.

Although technologically primitive when compared with today’s modern boats they would go to see in conditions every bit as bad as those faced by modern lifeboatmen.

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Historic Lifeboats

Historic Lifeboats at Fowey Rally

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