Padstow Lifeboat Station – A spectacular Launch slipway

Padstow Lifeboat Station

Padstow Lifeboat Station

Padstow Lifeboat Station

The Lifeboat Station was established prior to 1825. The RNLI took full control of the boat and station in 1856.

The current lifeboat station is located at Mother Ivey’s Bay, Trevose Head having been re-sited from Hawkers Cove in October 1967 due to river silting. The lifeboat can now launch into deep water at any stage of the tide.

The James and Catherine McFarlane was the first lifeboat to be housed in the 1967 boathouse. She gave sterling service until 1984 when she was replaced by the Tyne Class  James Burrough 47-003. The Tyne Class was replaced in 2006 by the new Tamar Class Spirit of Padstow 16-04.

Because the Tamar Class is much larger than the Tyne a new, state of the art boathouse was built alongside the 1967 boathouse. On Completion the old boathouse was removed.

First established: 1825

All-Weather LB: RNLB Spirit of Padstow – Tamar Class All-Weather Lifeboat (16-04)

Launches in 2008: 14
People Rescued in 2008: 28
Total Hours at Sea in 2008: 49 hrs 51 mins
Medals since 1824: “30 (28 Silver, 2 Bronze)

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