Newquay Lifeboat

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Newquay Lifeboat was first established: opened 1860 – closed 1934 – open during wartime 1940-1945 – re-opened 1965.

Newquay Lifeboat 2010

The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum was accorded to Helmsman Mark Morris and crew member Aaron Trebilcock for the rescue of two men, who had been jogging, by the tide on 27 January 2010.

The hypothermic and exhausted men were saved in heavy surf from a rocky shore. Crew member Richard Martin received a framed Chairman’s letter for his contribution to the service. Also, Helmsman Morris received the Emile Robin award from the Shipwrecked Mariners and Fishermen’s Royal Benevolent Society for this service.  Aaron Trebilcock received a special commendation from the Society.

For nearly 80 years the station operated an all-weather lifeboat until it closed in 1945. After a gap of 20 years, the station opened again with an inshore lifeboat and has carried out a variety of rescues, earning several awards for gallantry.

This station is classed as a Discover station. ​Our crews from Discover stations are equally welcoming to visitors but many of these stations were built before visitors were considered. These stations normally open their boathouse doors during the summer months.

All-Weather LB: N/A
Inshore LB (1):
RNLB Gladys Mildred – Atlantic 85 Class Inshore Lifeboat (B-821)

Inshore LB (2):
RNLB Valerie Wilson – D- Class Inshore Lifeboat (D-636)

Launches in 2008: 75
People Rescued in 2008: 35
Total Hours at Sea in 2008: 48hrs 32mins
Medals since 1824: 3 (2 Silver, 1 Bronze)

Stations own web site: Newquay Lifeboat

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