Falmouth Lifeboat



Falmouth Lifeboat

Falmouth Lifeboat

Falmouth Lifeboat
First established: 1867

All-Weather LB:
RNLB Richard Cox Scott – Severn Class All-Weather Lifeboat (17-29)

Inshore LB (1):
RNLB Eve Pank – Atlantic 75 Class Inshore Lifeboat (B-756)

Launches in 2008: 104
People Rescued in 2008: 113
Total Hours at Sea in 2008: 150hrs 59mins
Medals since 1824: “11 (2 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze)”

The lifeboat house and shop were built in 1994 and is unusual in the fact that it is also shared with the Coastguard, but the two parts are completely separate. It now houses our D Class Atlantic 75 inshore lifeboat Eve Pank. This boat was mainly funded by a legacy from Mrs Eve Pank together with contributions from local firms and people.

The building contains a changing room, shower, stores, workshop, toilets and souvenir shop. Upstairs consists of a large crew room, where meetings and lectures can take place, and a small kitchen area. There is an office area with telephone, fax, computer and radio communication equipment to enable people in the boathouse to be in touch with the crew when at sea.

Stations own web site:  Falmouth Lifeboat

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