Praa Sands Golf and Country Club – 9 hole course with lovely sea views

Praa Sands Golf and Country Club

Praa Sands Beach and Pillbox

Praa Sands Golf and Country Club

Praa Sands Golf Club welcomes all visitors and non-members to this lovely seaside golf course overlooking Mounts Bay.  You can see the sea from every green of this 9 hole course. The course is open all year and no handicap certificate is required.

Praa Sands lies within the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). As does almost 30% of Cornwall AONB designates the same status and protection as a National Park.

The western side of the beach contains Folly Rocks Site of Special Scientific Interest, noted for its geological aspects, including a granite porphyry.

Praa Sands Golf and Country Club

Germoe Cross Roads
Praa Sands
Postcode: TR20 9TQ
Phone: 01736 763445

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WikipediaWikipedia says. . .

Sunderland Air Crash
After an air battle against eight German planes in the Bay of Biscay, the Sunderland had been heavily damaged. The crew made it back 800 miles to the Cornish coast, where pilot Colin Walker managed to land and beach it at Praa Sands. The local people took the crew into their houses, and gave them medical assistance. Walker received the Distinguished Service Order and several of the other crew members also received medals. On 2/June/2013, a memorial was opened on the green at Praa Sands.


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