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Antony House and Garden

Antony House

Antony House and Garden

The Woodland Garden, owned and run by the Carew Pole Garden Trust, also has outstanding rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias and camellias. The magic of Antony was captured by director Tim Burton, as a film location for his blockbuster, Alice in Wonderland. The House itself is managed by the National Trust.
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Antony Estate
Post Code: PL11 2QA
Tel: +44 01752 812191

Cornwall’s Gardens

The Garden of Cornwall reflects the history of the region stretching as far back as the Iron Age.

The variety of gardens that exist in Cornwall allows the visitor to explore estates, castles, manor houses, in sea-facing valleys and walled enclosures hidden away from anyone but a visitor.

Many of these Cornwall gardens owe much to the world travels undertaken by plant hunters in the 19th century as well as the influence of the Gulf Stream and the almost frost-free climate that exists because of it. Mild winters and warm summers play an important part in sustain these unique gardens.

Many of the gardens in Cornwall host specimens of rare and most beautiful plants and trees not found elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

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The National Trust in Cornwall is home to many of the fine Gardens in our Cornwall Gardens list.

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