Newlyn Fish Festival

The Newlyn Fish Festival

The Newlyn Fish festival hosts a Cooking demonstration all day inside the market along with a large range of food stalls selling fish produce.

The Festival is organised in the aid of the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen which provides care, compassion and support to working, retired and disabled fishermen and their families.

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Harbour demonstration take place during the day (weather and tide permitting!) with the Lifeboat enacting rescue demonstrations combined with a Search and Rescue helicopter..

Gig racing is one of the festival highlights and always attracts a large crowd as local clubs compete.

Fishing boats are available for inspection so wander around and get a better idea of what is involved in bringing home the produce you see. Subject to operational duties the Fisheries protection vessel the St Piran will open to visitors also.

The festival also hosts a range of local arts and craft stalls selling silver jewellery, pottery, fabrics, prints, ceramics and more.

The Luggers association sail their historic vessels. So look out for these wonderful old sailing vessels under sail as they sail in the bay down past the pier.

The Festival hosts a large number of food stalls to ensure that whatever you would like to eat or drink during your visit from a bag of chips, ice cream, coffee, seafood paella, curries and pasties to name just a few that you can enjoy a bite during your visit.

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