Minack Theatre Porthcurno – Spectacular and atmospheric setting on the clifftop

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Minack Theatre Porthcurno

The Rock Choir performing “How deep is your love” at the Minack Theatre Porthcurno
This clip illustrates the wonderful setting that enhances the evening performance looking out over the cliffs to the sea beyond.

From 1931 until she died in 1983 the Minack Theatre was planned, built and financed by one determined woman – Rowena Cade.

The first performance of “The Tempest” in the summer of 1932 was lit by batteries, car headlights and the feeble power brought down from Minack House. Everyone collected their tickets at a table in the garden before clambering down the gorse lined path. Then, as the moon shone across the bay, the magic that is The Minack Theatre touched its first audience.

The Minack Theatre was named as the best day out by Daily Mail readers. The winning visitor verdict read: “My perfect day out would be driving to Sennen Cove in Cornwall, sitting by the beach watching the waves while having lunch and then heading to the Minack Theatre at Porthcurno to enjoy one of their fantastic open-air shows.”

For more information on the Minack Theatre.

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