King Harry Ferry – A scenic river crossing that saves 26 miles.

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King Harry Ferry

The King Harry Ferry Bridge is a chain vehicle ferry crossing the River Fal. The alternative is a 26-mile detour by road. The current ferry boat was built in 2006 and can carry up to 34 cars. Voted by the Independent newspaper to be included in their list of the worlds ten most scenic ferry crossings.

Just above the ferry lies the magnificent Trelissick House and Gardens.  A visit there to enjoy the woodland walk and enjoy the glimpses of the river and ferry is a delight.  The walks and fields surrounding the estate are dog friendly but it should be noted that there can be livestock and dogs must be kept on a lead when near.

It is generally agreed that a ferry crossing has operated in this location for hundreds of years. The name of the ferry probably originates from the remains of a small Chapel named King Henry’s chapel on the Roseland side of the crossing.

In the summer there is a constant stream of vessels passing by the ferry.  Pleasure craft and passenger boats plying their trade between Truro and Falmouth,

King Harry Ferry

The Ferry is seen through the trees.


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