Helston Floral Dance – Dressing up and dancing in the streets of Helston

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Helston Floral Dance Video

Helston, 8 May 2008. This is the principal dance of the day and features the men in their top hats and their lady partners in elegant dresses and headgear.

Flora Day is a Spring festival that celebrates winters end and the arrival of the spring and fertility with the trees and flowers bursting into life. Buildings in the town are decorated with greenery and floral arrangements as a visual representation of the renewal of spring.

The Helston Town Band play the traditional tune as only they know-how. Many of the process with the dancers on four occasions during the day around the four-mile route, maintaining the rhythm and beat and sound that comes and goes throughout the day. The Helston Floral Dance is one of the highlights of the Festival season in Cornwall.

Helston Floral Dance

Helston Floral Dance

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