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The Helford River Pilotage

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Helford River Pilotage

The Helford River has to be considered as one the most beautiful rivers on the Cornish coast. The journey upstream to Gweek and Porthnavas will wind you along the unspoilt river bank that is dotted with small quaysides and foreshores.

Delightful riverside inns complete the experience. From Falmouth we approach the River Helford from the north avoiding “August Rock”. Then we make an approach from the south, clearing the notorious Manacles Rocks.

Inside the Helford we travel with the flood to Gweek, Porthnavas, Helford Point, Helford village and the Helford Sailing Club. We depart on the ebb visiting Gillan Creek (watch out for the chickens!) before turning east to round the Manacles Rocks.


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