Falmouth Lifeboat Exercise

A video clip of a Falmouth Lifeboat exercise in Falmouth Bay from Yachting World magazine. Falmouth has two lifeboats and is one of the busiest stations in Cornwall. The All-weather boat is normally tied alongside a pontoon adjacent to the station whereas the inshore boat is kept in the station boast house at the top of the slip.

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Falmouth Lifeboat Exercise

The Stations is located at Tinners walk, between the National Maritime Museum Cornwall and Falmouth Docks.

Falmouth Lifeboat Exercise

Falmouth Lifeboat

For more details about Falmouth Lifeboat Station and the two boats (the All Weather Lifeboat and the Inshore Lifeboat) stationed there please visit the Falmouth Lifeboat Station.

The Station has a shop and tours of the Lifeboat station and the boats can be arranged for visitors subject to operational requirements.

More information on Cornwall Lifeboats

To watch videos of Lifeboats in Cornwall Cornwall Lifeboat Videos

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