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Chapel Porth St Agnes

Chapel Porth St Agnes

Chapel Porth is set in a mining valley.

At high tide the beach is made up of small stone and shingle reaching up to the carpark. Visit on a low tide it is the sands stretching all the way from St Agnes Head to Lushingtons at the end of Porthtowan Beach.

The weather has a dramatic effect this clip was shot on a late winters afternoon ( Christmas Eve) following a day of very strong winds. Visitors and locals were out and about enjoying a stroll along the coastal path and the cafe was doing a brisk trade.

The famous Wheal Coates engine house overlooks the beach and is probably the most recognised and iconic symbols of Cornwall’s industrial heritage.

An excellent National Trust cafe serves French onion soup, Gingerbread, flapjack, ice cream tolled in roasted hazelnuts etc.

Chapel Porth is not without its hazards. Always take care when walking on the coastal path and wear appropriate footwear. The stunning seascape can distract the walker, so take care.

If you walk on the beach at low tide make sure you are aware of tide times,  getting cut off by the incoming tide is a real danger so be careful.

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