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Cornwall Tide Times – Keep safe and understand the tides

Cornwall Tide Times

Castle Beach Falmouth on a Low Tide

Cornwall Tide Times

Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon on the sea.

AS the world rotates the Sun and Moon will at some point coincide to exert the maximum pull.  This is when we have a full moon or a new moon which causes Spring tides, ( Spring is nothing to do with the season) these Spring Tides are much higher than the average.

When the Sun and Moon’s gravitational pulls do not coincide we get Neap Tides, which are smaller than average. This means in simple terms the tide does not go out as far or rise as high.

The range of the tide is much less than on spring tides. The difference between high and low tide on a day is described as the range.

In Falmouth e.g., the range of the tides can vary between 7.5 ft in Neaps and almost 16 ft in Springs.  It is important to know the Cornwall Tide times especially if you are planning to get involved in an activity near or on the water.  Always buy a local tide table if you are planning any activity on the water.

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